Career Education

Mr Richard O'Connell

Welcome to Careers at Mater Dei Catholic College. In keeping with the College Mission, the careers program at Mater Dei aims to develop the knowledge, skills, values and attitudes necessary to make personally relevant and appropriate career decisions in the future.

The Careers program at Mater Dei gives students the opportunity to:
  • Develop a knowledge and understanding of self e.g. strengths, weaknesses, interests, values, learning styles, achievements
  • Adopt positive attitudes to change and lifelong learning
  • Gain skills in accessing and applying information about occupations and education pathways
  •  Develop career decision making, planning and management skills
  • Prepare themselves for today's constantly changing world of work.
Parents are welcome to make careers appointments by contacting the school office.
Students can make careers appointments by placing their name on the booking sheet which is found on the careers office door.
Richard O’Connell
Year 9
Year 9 students are invited to attend Try TAFE Days held at The Riverina Institute of TAFE in Term 4.
  • Year 9 students are welcome to make careers interviews to discuss future options, particularly TVET courses and options for early school leavers
Year 10
All Year 10 students complete one lesson per week in career education. This program focuses on educating students in 3 main areas
1.       Understanding Self 
Students work on developing their own career profile. What are their strengths, weaknesses, goals, values, attitudes and skills. This leads to resume preparation and writing and completing job applications.
Students are prepared for job interviews and mock interviews are conducted in Term 4.
All Year 10 students at Mater Dei have been subscribed to My Career Match. My Career Match, an online career assessment, helps parents and teachers guide students on a career path that matches their personality style and natural talents.
Designed primarily for year 10-12 students, My Career Match features
-       A list of ideal careers that match the students personal style
-       Strengths, talents and personal qualities they would bring to a job
-       Things they value; what’s important to them
-       Why they are attracted to some jobs but not others
-       Information to add to their resume
2.       Exploring Career Possibilities
Students are encouraged to use their understanding of self in order to explore career possibilities.
Career exploration tools such as The Job Guide and are utilized to broaden students understanding of various careers.
Guest speakers from industry, TAFE, Universities and Apprenticeship Centres are accessed to give students first hand information.
3.       Looking Around
HSC subject selection: Students are thoroughly prepared for this process during careers lessons.
Work Experience: Students are prepared for work experience during Term 4. Work Experience is usually completed after the completion of the School Certificate Exams.
All Year 10 students attend the National Careers Expo to explore post school options.
Students are encouraged to attend careers expos in their particular area of interest.
Various careers activities are encouraged and encouraged
School Based Apprenticeships and Traineeships are explored.
TVET courses are explored.
Students and parents can make individual careers appointments
Year 11
- Students make individual appointments at the beginning of the year to discuss issues surrounding their subject choices
- Students make individual appointments at the end of the year to discuss the implications of dropping particular subjects for their HSC year.
- Organisation an processing of TVET students
- Supervision of School Based Apprenticeships and Traineeships
- Students in Year 11 are encouraged to attend career days, expo’s and special events that provide insight into careers they are interested in.
- Work experience during the school holidays is recommended for students looking to entering the workforce. Holiday work experience is also recommended for those students wishing to gain an insight into a particular career choice ( this can also help with university applications and Early Entry Applications)
- Students and parents can make individual careers appointments
Year 12
- Students  and parents can make appointments at any time of the year to discuss their transition from school.
- Students receive a weekly newsletter informing them of careers related activities
- University visits are encouraged in the school holidays.
- Students are encouraged to attend specific careers events.
- Regular information sessions held e.g. Tertiary institutions, Lattitude Gap Year, UAC applications, Register to vote, Youth Allowance
- Early Entry Applications to university are processed
Work experience is highly recommended for students in Years 10, 11 and 12. Work experience gives students a first- hand insight into careers in which they may be interested. 
Students are encouraged to undertake 2 weeks of work experience in Year 10.
In Year 11 and 12 students are encouraged to seek work experience in the school holidays when they see the need arise.