College Bursaries


Edmund Rice and Nano Nagle were founders of our parent schools; St Michaels, Mt Erin and Trinity Senior High School. Both Edmund Rice and Nano Nagle wanted their schools to be accessed by all classes of people, most especially the poor. In keeping with our heritage the principal criterion for the provision of financial assistance from the Bursary Fund is a demonstrable, means-tested inability to afford education at Mater Dei Catholic College. Assistance from the Bursary Fund will be provided to students and families who, in the opinion of the College Executive, will be significant contributors to the College community. The focus will be on generous endeavour in a variety of fields, rather than any notable academic or co-curricular talent. In brief, the two-way street of mutual benefit must be obvious – the student and the College are good for one another.
Bursary Fund Criteria
Financial assistance from the Bursary Fund is given on a demonstrated needs basis. The provision of complete supporting financial documentation is necessary before any application, or renewal of Bursary, can be processed. This will include:
•Copies of the past two years tax returns;
•A Statutory Declaration from the applicants parents attesting to their financial position(s).
Preference in the decision-making will be given to families who are obviously committed to the ideals of Catholic education. Families known to the College will receive a priority if their values are clearly congruent with those of the College.
It is important that applications for Bursary assistance are made at the same time as applications for enrolment in the College. Financial assistance is available only to students from Year 7 onwards and only when the funds will allow it. The commitment from the College is to sustain the Bursary for the duration of a child’s secondary education. Financial assistance from the Bursary Fund is given on an individual student basis. In the interests of sharing this assistance among as many families as possible, the presumption should be that a family is likely to receive only one Bursary.
In the interest of accountability, a family must re-apply annually for Bursary assistance, in accordance with the time lines specified, and re-submit the most current financial documentation so that their eligibility for a Bursary can be reviewed. The obligation of strict confidentiality is incumbent on both the recipient family and the College Executive overseeing management of the Bursary Fund.
While the above criteria might appear to be very demanding, the College has very substantial responsibilities to ensure that Bursary Fund monies are distributed with equity, confidentiality, and compassion at all times. Each case will be judged on its merits and, where appropriate, the Principal might exercise his/her discretionary power to apply financial assistance.
The College grants a Bursary to a student on the understanding that it is a debt of honour. In other words, it is expected that the recipient will do all in his power to repay that debt sometime in the future and giveanother young person the chance to have a Bursary place at Mater Dei Catholic College.
If you are interested in applying for a Bursary in 2016 please write a letter addressed to the Principal requesting consideration. Within your letter please outline the reasons why you (your child) wish to attend Mater Dei Catholic College as well as what you (your child) could bring to the College to enhance its already very good climate. Lastly, be sure to include what your child characteristics would bring to Mater Dei Catholic College. Also include:
  • Copies of the past two years tax returns;
  • A Statutory Declaration from the applicant’s parents attesting to their financial position(s).