Enrolment Policy


Through our Catholic faith based approach to learning, Mater Dei College strives to support students to become young adults who can recognise, have access to, and take up opportunities that will grow them as compassionate people with integrity and moral strength to make right and just decisions. We do this by sharing the “Good News” of the Catholic Church and by making every effort to actively pursue our College Motto which is to “Live God’s Message.” As such, the College considers the following to be very important:
• Active support for the religious ethos of the College with full engagement in religious studies and committed participation at Liturgies, Eucharistic celebrations, Retreats and Reflection Days;
• Application by all to an academic programme of study based on individual needs, working towards the HSC and other educational credentials;
• Active support for the College’s pastoral care policies, uniform regulations and school fees structure; and,
• A genuine spirit of giving by all to co-curricula activities; be it sport, representing the College in the community, liturgy, community service, the creative and performing arts.

Mater Dei Catholic College asks for a generous spirit, an understanding of what we stand for, and a willingness to learn. Academic achievement and being happy at the College depends on students, parents and students fulfilling their obligations towards the College community. It is expected that all students will aim high and perform to the best of their abilities.


For Years 8 to 11, enrolment applications are open from March to November. In accordance with the Enrolment Policy for Diocesan Systemic Schools, Wagga Wagga, priority for enrolments will be as follows:
1. Catholic students from Catholic feeder schools or from parishes without Catholic Primary schools.
2. Catholic students from other schools.
3. Non-Catholic students in agreement with the Catholic ethos from Catholic schools.
4. Students in agreement with the Catholic ethos from non-Catholic schools.

Applications received after 10 December (for the following year) will be placed on a waiting list.


Mater Dei does not generally accept mid-year enrolments but applications will be considered on an individual basis using the following guidelines:
• is Catholic;
• recently relocated to Wagga during the school year; and,
• their most recent school report is highly commendable.


When departing from the College, parents are requested to follow College procedures in consultation with the Enrolments Secretary. Upon the satisfactory completion of those requirements, a formal letter confirming the cessation of enrolment will be forwarded by the Principal and posted to parents. Due to the high level of interest in enrolments, if a student voluntarily leaves the College to attend another school in Wagga, they cannot generally re-enroll at the College.