Message from the Assistant to the Principal - Students

Miss Emily Paul

Mater Dei Catholic College is a nurturing and caring community that places a strong emphasis on Pastoral Care. We provide support structures and engage in proactive initiatives aimed at developing positive relationships, resilience and responsibility. These areas of focus are extremely important in the growth and wellbeing of students from Year 7 through to Year 12.
The College has a vertical House structure which provides a solid foundation in supporting and developing positive wellbeing amongst all students. The structure consists of five Houses and every student and staff member is aligned to a particular House, in which they will remain in during their time at Mater Dei. Students develop strong positive relationships within their Homegroup which are nurtured by the Homegroup teacher.
Our Pastoral Care of all students in paramount in our House and Homegroup structure, with individual Homegroup teachers assisting with student issues, developing positive relationships within the Homegroup, monitoring attendance, uniform and personal presentation of students. Each House Leader works closely with Homegroup teachers ensuring that support and guidance in the areas of care and learning are provided for each individual student.

 House Leaders:

Carroll Kennedy Rosarie Sherrin Webber
Mrs Baggio Mr Simpson Ms Fraser Mr McCormack Mrs Bright
Student Leadership also plays an integral role in the Pastoral Care program of Mater Dei Catholic College. The College has two College Captains and ten House Captains [two per House]. Our student leaders are wonderful ambassadors for our Mater Dei community and contribute in providing guidance, support and role modeling for all other students. They also assist our House Coordinators in issues specific to their House.
The environment, structures and personnel we have in place enables us to give the guarantee “We will care for your child."
Communication: We encourage positive links of communication between parents, students and House Leaders. Information is essential in dealing with issues or concerns.
We do ask that ALL communication with your child be made through the front office and NOT via mobile communication.
If there is welfare issue please contact the respective House Leader.
Presentation: All students are expected to follow the uniform and appearance expectations. Summer Uniform must be worn during Terms 1 and 4, and Winter Uniform must be worn during Terms 2 and 3.
If the uniform is unable to be worn, students must bring a note and have it signed by their Homegroup teacher.
Personal Grooming and Presentation: There are clear expectations that the following personal grooming guidelines be adhered to. Please refer to the Students’ Uniform and Personal Appearance and Jewellery Policies for further information.
Attendance: All students are expected to be at the College by 8:45am. Continued unexplained lateness could result in the issuing of detentions. If a student is absent a note must accompany the student on the first day back after the absence.
Please refer to the College Attendance documentation for further information. Catholic Schools Office Attendance Policy
Mobile Phones: Please refer to the Mobile Phone Policy.
We aim to support the wellbeing of all students and with the support of a great team, clear guidelines and procedures. We look forward to providing consistent and effective pastoral academic care now and into the future.