Our College Council

School Council members provide advice to the Principal on matters of Policy in relation to the wellbeing and direction of the school. Most specifically, the Council:
-          Supports the development of the Catholic Ethos and pastoral care strategies;
-          Promotes the school in the local community;
-          Provides advice regarding capital and maintenance programs,
-          Supports school strategic plans and CSO educational strategic planning; and,
-          Ensures that the school community receives the Annual School Council Report.
Although the Council itself does not involve itself in the internal organisation of the College’s day to day management, it is an important avenue by which the expectations of the parent community can be communicated to the Principal and staff.
Our College Council is comprised of:
Mrs Val Thomas- Principal

Mr Daniel Donebus – Chairperson

Mrs Margaret Melton – Secretary

Mr Kerry Mowett – Bishop’s Representative

Parent Representatives:

Mrs Kester Damme 

Mr Shaun Daly

Mrs Debbie Hurst 

Mr Kym Holbrook

Mr Grant Gaylor 

Mr Brad Dean 

Parents are encouraged to support the College through their involvement in events and activities during the year.