Our Staff


Leadership Team

Principal - Mrs Val Thomas
Assistant Principal - Mr Daryl Lawrence
Assistant to the Principal - Curriculum - Mr Laurie Fitzpatrick
Assistant to the Principal - Mission - Ms Rebecca Michel
Assistant to the Principal - Students - Ms Emily Paul

House Leaders

Carroll House - Mrs Virginia Baggio
Kennedy House - Mr Peter Simpson
Rosarie House - Ms Ruth Fraser
Sherrin House - Mr Stephen McCormack
Webber House - Mrs Amelia Bright

KLA Leaders

Creative Arts - Ms Genelle Keough
English - Mr Shaun Ellis
HSIE - Mr Rodney Buik
Mathematics - Ms Kate Nolan
PDHPE - Mr Shane Bailey
Religious Education - Mr Mark Gilham
Science - Mr Charlie Anderson
TAS - Ms Nicole Lane
VET - Mr Michael Kanck
Pedagogy Leader - Ms Mel Cramp
Learning Innovation and Development - Ms Bianca Fonte



TED - Ms Mel Cramp
Replacements - Mr David Hill
Careers - Mr Richard O’Connell
Gifted and Talented – Miss Karina Rudd
Inclusive Education – Mrs Amanda Bruce-Goodlet
Performance Music - Mr David Saxon
Learning and Technology - Mrs Sandy Morton
Sport – Mr Nathan Irvine


School Wellbeing Officer

Mrs Louise DeBruin