Postcards from Our Alumni

Postcard from England - Josh Suidgeest

I am at Downe Scout Activity Centre, which is on the outskirts of Greater London in the South East. This is one of the 7 national scout centres in England. I live with 8 other Gap students - 3 Aussies, 2 New Zealanders, 2 Brits and 1 Hungarian. We are all getting along well but still occassionally get in each others way :S. There are also many weekday and weekend crew members that come in to help out.
As you already know, I am doing Outdoor Activities Instructing and we have been trained to run Archery, Air Rifles, Zip Wire, Crate Stacking, Abseiling, Rock Climbing, Aerial Trek and Team Building (there are also Go-Karts and Grass Sledges which are self-instructed).
If we are not running sessions then we undertake various jobs such as lawn-mowing, toilet cleaning, building cleaning, packing away tents etc. In terms of meals, we cook for ourselvelves during the week and on the weekend, our meals are provided by the weekend crew. The food is not too much different apart from that it is naturally more processed (a steak here is more fatty than a steak in Australia basically!!!!).
As for the weather, this is substantially different!!! Heading into summer and it was pouring with rain last week (South East England is in a drought at the moment???) Cleared up over the last couple of days though (fine and 13/14).