Retreats and Reflection Days

Mater Dei Catholic College has developed a process of Spiritual Formation for students, and encouraging an understanding amongst staff that the spiritual formation of students is the responsibility of the whole College community, staff, parents and students. 

Retreats and Reflection Days enable staff and students to interact socially within a recreational context, bond people together and enhancerelationships through empathy of people’s life journey.
At the Year 7 reflection day, Project Hatch run a personal development and community building day at the College. The theme for this day is "Who Am I?" and students are involved in co-operative games and personal development in relation to communication and conflict. 
Year 8 attend a three day retreat with the theme "Be the best you can be" at Harrietville, Victoria. The focus is on personal qualities and limitations, as well as group dynamics. A Creative Arts approach is also relevant in this inspiring natural environment.   We spend time recognising the Spirit moving in that setting. A highlight of the camp is the campfire. Throughout the whole camp students strive to give of their best.
For the Year 9 experience students are divided into single gender groups and travel to separate venues for the day. The boys day is facilitated by Goodfellas and College staff with Year 11 boys leading small group activities. The sessions focus on “Being good men in relationships” and “Being good men in the way we use power”. The girls day is facilitated by College Staff with Year 11 girls leading small groups and a presenter from Enlighten Education presenting a session that focus on beliefs and values in relation to self-concept, caring for self and friends and protective behaviours.
Year 10 students participate in an experience run by Project Hatch. The theme for this reflection day is "Step Up". Year 10 also participate in a rewarding community service program.
Year 11 have the experience of their reflection day with the theme of  "Opportunity Knocks" with Chris Doyle. This is a College- based leadership day as they prepare to become the leading Year group for the College as Year 12 students end their studies. 
Year 12 Retreat is held at Warrambui near Murrumbateman. The theme being "Go forth and set the world on fire", it is a spiritual journey of self discovery, motivation and friendship. Through the presentations and activities students learn more about God, self and each other over the course of the Retreat. Students identify aspects of a fulfilled and happy life. At the height of the Retreat is a Eucharistic liturgy prepared by students and staff is celebrated.