Curriculum Years 7 to 10

Topics Studied Across all KLAs for Years 7-10 
Year 7
In Year 7 Religious Education, topics studied are:Initiation & Belonging; Scripture Skills, Literary Forms; Catholic Beliefs & Practices; Life & Times & the Person of Jesus; Liturgical Cycle, Spirituality.
In Year 7 English, topics studied are: My Place in the World; Into the World; Poetry & Drama; World of Performance; Fantasy Film.
In Year 7 Mathematics, topics studied are: Operations with Whole Numbers; Integers; Fractions; Decimals; Angles; Number Patterns; Algebraic Techniques; Properties of Solids; Time; Measurement – Length & Area; Probability.
In Year 7 Science, topics studied are: Being a Scientist; Solids, Liquids & Gases; Mixtures; Cells; Heat, Light & Sound; Classification; Forces; Earth & Space; Our Earth.
In Year 7 Geography, topics studied are: Investigating the World; Global Environments.
In Year 7 History, topics studied are: Investigating History; Societies & Civilisations of the Past.
In Year 7 PHDPE, topics studied are: Fitness Testing; Athletics; Cross Country; Fit & Food for Life; Games; Connecting You, Me & Others; Fitness; Dance; Protecting Myself.
In Year 7 Technology Mandatory, topics studied are: Digital Media Designs; Party Food; Textiles – Fashion Design; Timber – Tower of Hanoi.
In Year 7 Music, topics studied are: Focus on Percussion; Instruments of the Orchestra; Keyboard; Performance Music.
In Year 7 Visual Arts, topics studied are: All About Face; Reg Mombassa Painting; Sculpture from the Bottom Drawer; Artmaking – Critical & Historical Study; Pop Art – Printmaking; Aboriginal Art – A Sense of Place.
Year 8
In Year 8 Religious Education, topics studied are:Reconciliation; Images of God; Homelessness; The Church Spreads the Good News; Religion in the World; Service to the Community
In Year 8 English, topics studied are: Two Worlds Collide; Heroes & Villains; Transformations – Fairytales & Films; Drama.
In Year 8 Mathematics, topics studied are: Percentages; Data Representation; Data Analysis & Evaluation; Data Analysis & Representation; Algebraic Techniques; Properties of Geometrical Figures; Pythagoras’ Theorem; Measurement – Surface Area & Volume; Probability; Linear Relationships; Number – Ratio & Rates; Properties of Geometrical Figures.
In Year 8 Science, topics studied are: Skills; Atoms; Electricity; Microbes; Ecology; Astronomy; Plant Systems; Body Systems.
In Year 8 Geography, topics studied are: Global Change; Global Issues & the Role of Citizenship.
In Year 8 History, topics studied are: Aboriginal & Indigenous Peoples; Colonisation & Contact History; the Shaping of the Modern World.
In Year 8 PDHPE, topics covered are: Athletics; Cross Country; Active for Life – Harm Minimisation; Games; My Health, Your Health; Minor Games; Keeping Myself Safe.
In Year 8 Technology Mandatory, topics studied are: Fresh from the Garden; Textiles – Laundry Hamper; Timber – Laundry Hamper; Webpage Design.
In Year 8 Music, topics studied are: Film & Television Drama; Rock Music.
In Year 8 Visual Arts, topics studied are: Portrait in Words; Cultural Painting & Printmaking; Artmaking – Critical & Historical Study; History Revisited; My Environment- Site Specific Sculpture.
In Year 8 French, topics studied are: France & the Francophile World; Le Voisinage et le College; Ma Famille.
In Year 8 Japanese, topics studied are: Me, You and Japan; My Colourful World; Daily Life, School and Travel; Leisure
Year 9
Students undertake two elective courses for Year 9 and Year 10 and one special interest elective in Year 9 only. A broad range of electives is offered. 
In Year 9 Religious Education, topics studied are: Moral Decision Making; Images of Jesus; Living Simply; New Testament; Eucharist.
In Year 9 English, topics studied are: Writing Right; Survival; Representations of War; Speaking Out.
In Year 9 Mathematics, topics studied are: Number; Algebra; Applying Number Products & Factors; Geometry; Equations & Inequalities; Earning; Pythagoras’ Theorem – Trigonometry; Indices; Measurement; Co-ordinate Geometry; Interpreting Data; Congruence & Similarity.
In Year 9 Science, topics studied are: Sense & Control; Periodic Table; Reproduction; Light; Earth’s Fragile Crust; Chemical Reaction; Origins of the Universe; Energy in Ecosystems.
In Year 9 Geography, topics studied are: Investigating Australia’s Physical Environment; Changing Australian Communities.
In Year 9 History, topics studied are: Australia & World War I; Australia & World War 2; Australia Between Wars; Australia to 1914
Other topics studied in Year 9 HSIE are: Consumer Choice; Personal Finance; Political Involvement; Promoting & Selling.
In Year 9 PDHPE, topics studied are: Fitness; Athletics; Cross Country; Get Up & Go; Sexual Health; Dance; Games; What Can We Do About Drugs? Respecting You, Me & Others.
In Year 9 PASS, topics studied are: Physical Activity for Health & Fitness; Physiology & Anatomy I; Tennis Championships – Moving with Skill; Sports Preparation – Nutrition & Physical Activity; Volleyball Championships – Endurance Performance; Outdoor Challenge; Ultimate Frisbee.
In Year 9 Agriculture, topics studied are: Vegetable Production; Poultry Production; Sheep Production; Goat & Pig Production.
In Year 9 Food Technology, topics studied are: Food for Special Needs; Food for Special Occasions; Food in Australia.
In Year 9 Industrial Technology – Metal topics studied are: Workshop Safety & Procedures; Tool Carry; BBQ, Case & Spatula.
In Year 9 Industrial Technology – Timber, topics studied are: Introduction to IT-Timber; OH&S; Simple Box Construction; Lathe Work; Frame/Carcass Construction; Foot Stool.
In Year 9 VET Information Technology, topics studied are: Operate Computer Hardware; Operate a Personal Computer; Operate a Database Application; Send & Retrieve Information using Web Browsers & Email; Operate a Spreadsheet Application; Operate a Presentation Package.
In Year 9 Music, topics studied are: Music for Small Ensembles; Jazz; Australian Music; Rock Music.
In Year 9 Visual Arts, topics studied are: Drawing – Still Life Painting; Layers of Meaning – Sign & Symbols; Artmaking – Critical & Historical Study; Critical Study of Selected Works; Printmaking.

Year 10
In Year 10 Religious Education, topics studied are: Commitment & Ministry; Reverence of Life; Christianity; A Call to Unity.
In Year 10 English, topics studied are: Influential Voices; Representations of Identity; Life’s a Drama – Shakespeare.
In Year 10 Mathematics, topics studied are: Number; Trigonometry – Sine & Cosine Rules; Probability; Ratios & Rates – Surds; Equations & Inequations; Geometry; Saving & Borrowing; Co-ordinate Geometry; Analysing Data; Graphs.
In Year 10 Science, topics studied are: Chemical Reactions; Materials; Electricity & Communications; Genetics; Motion; Evolution; Health & Disease; Global Issues.
In Year 10 Geography, topics studied are: Issues in Australian Environments; Australia in its Regional & Global Contexts.
In Year 10 History, topics studied are: Australia in The Vietnam War Era; Australia’s Social & Cultural History; Changing Rights & Freedoms; People Power & Politics in the Post-Was Era.
Other topics studied in Year 10 HSIE are: Consumer Choice; Personal Finance; Political Involvement; Promoting & Selling.
In Year 10 PDHPE, topics covered are: Athletics; Cross Country; Make a Choice; Aquatics; Circuit Training; Games; Being Strong; Driver Education; Resuscitation; Healthy Mind, Healthy Body; Fishing; Canoeing.
In Year 10 PASS, topics studied are: Anatomy II – Body Systems & Energy for Physical Activity; Fitness & Performance; Physical Activity & Sports Opportunities; Practice, Precision & Sports Opportunities; Event Case Study; World Games; Physical Activity & Sport in Australia.
In Year 10 Agriculture, topics studied are: Beef Cattle; Cereal & Pasture Production; Plant Nursery Production; Poultry, Yabbies & Worms.
In Year 10 Food Technology, topics studied are: Food Selection & Health; Food Service & Catering; Food Trends.
In Year 10 Industrial Technology – Metal, topics studied are: OH&S; Industry Study; Quick Lift; Tool Chest; Brick Carrier.
In Year 10 Industrial Technology – Timber, topics studied are: Box Construction; OH&S; Framed Construction.
In Year 10 Information Software Technology, topics studied are: Computer Systems; Control Systems; Simulation & Robotics; Past, Present & Emerging Technologies.
In Year 10 Graphics Technology, topics studied are: Engineering Drawing; CAD; Cabinet Drawing; Architectural Drawing or Technical Illustration.
In Year 10 Drama, topics studied are: Improvisation; Vaudeville; Page to Stage; Film – Small Screen Drama; Protest & Political Theatre.
In Year 10 Music, topics studied are: Theatre Music; Music of a Culture; Music for Radio/Film/TV & Multimedia.
In Year 10 Photography & Digital Media, topics studied are: Postmodern Frames; Introduction to Photoshop Toolbox – Magazine Cover & Photojournalism; History of Photography; Practice – Clone Tool & Restoration; Structural Frame – “The Street Where I Live”.
In Year 10 Visual Arts, topics studied are: My Journey – A Series of Portraits; Exhibition Process; Critical Study of Selected Works; Artmaking – Critical & Historical Study; Colour My World – Nature, a Human Reflection; A Decade of Style.