Representative Sport Policy

The benefits of student involvement in organised sport activity are highly valued at Mater Dei Catholic College.
Organised and representative sports allow development of skills and teamwork, promotion of positive values and a visible commitment to the promotion of an active, healthy lifestyle. This recognition of the benefits of sport is reflected in the provision of an Internal Sport Program integrated into the PDHPE curriculum as well as numerous representative competitions and pathways.
Learning time missed because of sport commitments must be considered in a learner‐centred educational setting. Three ways of ensuring that learning is not compromised are to:
1. Define and limit the competitions and pathways that are supported;
2. Define and limit the commitments of individual students; and,
3. Define and limit the commitments of individual staff members.
The following competitions and pathways are supported:
  • Diocesan Sport competitions and selection trials.
  • CCC sanctioned/affiliated competitions: Cricket (Berg and Downie Shields), Rugby League (Cochrane Cup), Teams Tennis
  • Statewide Competitions: Rugby League (Country and Riverina Cups), Rugby Union (Fester and Wyburd Shields), Football (Bill Turner Trophy/Cup)
  • CWWHSSA competitions that are conducted out of school hours, and Water Polo, Golf and Foster Cup Tennis.
  • CWWHSSA (Twilight) Swimming, (Afternoon) Cross‐Country and Athletics carnivals.
  • Rugby Union Brumbies 7’s for 7/8, 9/10 & 11/12.
  • Local competitions: Girls U15 and Opens Giants Cup 9-a-side AFL, Giants Cup U16 Boys AFL and NRL South-West Girls U15 and Opens League Tag.
More significant than the breadth of sport offered is the total time out of school experienced by individual students. It is intended that this policy will require the more active student to carefully prioritise their chosen sporting commitments.
Except with permission from the Sport Co‐ordinator (who consults with the Principal), students are not to miss more than 4 days per term (averaged over a school year) or represent in more than 6 teams. Data on team membership and days absent is collected and maintained by the Sport Co‐ordinator. This requires accurate lists to be delivered to the Sport Co‐ordinator two school days prior to the commitment. Students who have already missed a significant number of days to illness or other reasons will be strongly advised to not have more time out of school for representative sport.
Teachers and support staff must not allow coaching and managing duties to impinge on their primary task of supporting student learning. Staff members are limited to the coaching or managing of three teams, excluding out‐of‐school competitions. The Sport Co‐ordinator and Principal formalise coaching positions following nominations early in the school year.