The Coaching Program

"They guide, they provide, and they never leave your side". Rebecca Miller - AFLW Richmond Football Club player and past MDCC student

Sports coaches assist athletes by helping them to perform at their best. They are responsible for analysing performances, instructing in relevant skills and providing encouragement. This assistance is not only provided in relation to sporting pursuits, but also to the athletes' lives in general.

These principles are aligned with the Coaching Program at Mater Dei Catholic College, however, instead of working with athletes, the coaches work with students to assist them to feel good and function effectively during their time at the College.

"Not everything should be done on your own... You need someone to bounce ideas off, you need someone who can support and guide you, and you also need someone to help keep you grounded and give you perspective". Harry Cunningham - AFL Sydney Swans Football Club player and past MDCC student

Students have the opportunity to book collaborative planning conversations with their chosen coach to map their way forward with a focus on academic achievement, future direction and life balance. The coaches act as a wellbeing support resource which caters to the individual circumstances of each of the members of our Mater Dei community.

Bookings can be made through the Coaching Tile in Canvas.